Minor Update 1.01.07 is here!
-> Autocomplete search functionality has now been set up and running! πŸŽ‰
-> You can search for products through the header directories
-> You can also zoom in to the images by hovering over them πŸ”
-> Wide range of bug fixes and QoL updates

— Avlero (@shopavlero) July 28, 2023

Minor update 1.01.06. Here are the changes:
-> Search functionality has been completely redoneπŸ₯³
-> Bug fixes including with how the images load
-> Footer has been added for ease of use
-> New changes with the header directories

Major update is in the works now!

— Avlero (@shopavlero) July 27, 2023

Minor Update 1.01.05:
-> Fixed a number of issues with the store pages
-> Added a product and shipping directory
-> Fixed the problem with the header directories.
-> Bug fixes

Working on:
-> In depth search functionality
-> Product recommendations
-> Multiple images per product

— Avlero (@shopavlero) July 27, 2023

Minor update 1.01.03:

-> Added a feature to hide products from the main page
-> Added pages for each store (e.g Apple)
-> Multiple smaller bug fixes and QoL updated
-> A number of new products were added

— Avlero (@shopavlero) July 25, 2023

Minor update 1.01.02:

-> Added a success page for the contact form
-> Simplified the look of the cart page
-> Added more filtering options for the products
-> Made it easier to view the different product sections
-> Tons of bug fixes including with fetching the product codes

— Avlero (@shopavlero) July 23, 2023

Update 7/22/23 1.00.07. Here are the changes

-> Color badges added for clarification
-> Temporary search bar fix (we are working on a long term solution)
-> Product type and amount now added
-> Product recommendations now being worked on
-> More bug fixes and QoL updates

— Avlero (@shopavlero) July 22, 2023

New update has launched! Here are the changes:

-> Added buttons to link products by color (more coming soon)
-> The expanded product info page has been overhauled
-> Expand image on hover has been added
-> Many bug fixes and QoL updates

Alpha release coming soon πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ

— Avlero (@shopavlero) July 22, 2023